Mike Kelly
Environmental Agronomics - 10 years


Member of MPSTMA (MPSA & MSTMA) for 25 years.

I work as a sales agent for Twin City Seed Company, Par Aide and ECS Total Water Solutions. I am also a distributor
for TerraMax bacterial products. I try to use my previous experience in sod production, sports field, golf course and
stormwater construction, and my knowledge of Turf Science to assist my customers and the public.

I feel that we have a unique position in the industry. We are given the Task of making all turf look fantastic when our
customers tend to traffic it to death. I also think that our fields are not given the credit for the Environmental benefits
they can provide.  If managed correctly, they can provide Oxygen, CO2 conversion, water purification and safe, beautiful
playing surface for our public.   

It is our job to provide the best surface for the players. If it gets a lot of traffic that is a compliment to us. If it needs repair
and improvement, we are experts at that. That is our profession.

What issues should MPSTMA focus on for the future of the association?

Telling the story of importance of green space and active play. We should be willing and able to obtain the funds to do the job correctly.