Paul Kubista
Twin City Seed Company - 9 Years

MPSTMA member for 10 years.

As the owner and operator of a wholesale seed company, I aim to provide my customers with high quality seed. 
To do so, I make site visits and consult with property owners, turf grass managers, and superintendents in order
to recommend seed mixtures and seed varieties that align with their needs.  I make a concerted effort to ensure
my staff and I are knowledgeable and reliable in order to support our customers. 
Additionally, I engage with state leaders regarding environmental issues.

I am looking for an opportunity to be more involved with the association because I think there is a great deal of potential
to have a meaningful impact on the industry.  I think that MPSTMA has the opportunity to innovate, and I am committed
to looking to the future and bringing about thoughtful, evidence-based, and environmentally responsible improvements
to our green spaces.

What issues should MPSTMA focus on for the future of the association?
I would like to see MPSTMA have a representative who can influence and engage local and state leaders to encourage
forward-thinking initiatives. I think the association could also invest in professional development and/or continued
educational opportunities to ensure members are knowledgeable and at the forefront of discussions around the current
and future issues that the industry faces.  I also think there is an opportunity for youth involvement to spark interest,
knowledge, and passion about the industry.