Jack Leuning
City of St. Louis Park - 4 Years
Public Service Worker - Parks & Recreation

Member of MPSTMA for 4 years.

I manage and maintain athletics fields, including baseball, softball, soccer, football and lacrosse.
Turf maintenance on athletic fields as well as green park spaces. Hockey rink maintenance
and snow removal in the winter.

I am running for MPSTMA office because I enjoy meeting new people in the park and sports turf industry.
I enjoy the education and networking that comes with MPSTMA. I am passionate about maintaining and
creating quality park and sport turf areas.

What issues should MPSTMA focus on for the future?
I believe MPSTMA should continue to focus on providing opportunities for members to learn about quality turf management,
including best practices in the industry and new technologies. Offering workshops in the spring and fall, as well as other
opportunities to learn hands-on throughout the year (community service projects, tour on wheels, equipment demo day)
are important to keeping members engaged and coming back.